About Project Peace


Project Peace is a platform open to people who want to create more peace for themselves and others. The platform was founded in 2019 by Laurina Waltersperger.

1 Project Peace is a place to practice Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga classes integrate sound (chanting/harmonium) as a powerful tool to come out of the head, into the heart – setting the tone for practice. The Jivamukti lineage derives from Hatha Yoga and integrates Vinyasa and Ashtanga elements. The practice is intense but allows space to rest and feel within. The classes are open to practitioners at all levels.

2 Project Peace is a place to learn how to create more emotional peace

The method of Emotional-Coaching-And-Healing (EMOHA) is based on the ancient wisdom of indigenous South-Pacific tribes as well as modern psychology and trauma work. The method, facilitated in one-on-one sessions, helps to create a deeper awareness of our emotional imprints – and where they come from. Knowing and more so feeling where emotions and sensations come from, allows to release emotional pattern, trauma, and false concepts of the mind – creating more liberation in how we choose to live.

3 Project Peace is a place to find a caring community

With regular Workshops, Retreats (mainly in Switzerland), and Kirtans (mantra-chanting with live music) Project Peace provides a place for people to gather – finding inspiration and support in a caring community.